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Hotel Centro Ciudad

social responsibility

n El Rey Moro we are proud to be a company that actively strives to expand our Social Responsibility for our employees, customers and the environment.

We do not work with temporary work companies, our maids have a “fair wage” being paid for hours worked and not for objectives acheived, in addition, at least 50% of our staff have long term contracts. For customers, we are always innovating our company policies to be a more transparent company, which uses its resources better to offer a higher level of quality at the best price possible.

Our commitment to the environment is equally as strong. We have implemented a system of “re-filling” glass bottles with purified tap water to reduce the hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles per year that we deliver in each room, to each customer, every day.

We are sure that if all companies contribute their grain of sand to improve our society, the world will be a more beautiful place to live.